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The essay is one of the types of work in exams, so in this article you can learn how to write it correctly or go straight to https://essayassistant.org/.


The beginning of the text is the most difficult part of it for many people. Writing the right introduction is not always possible quickly, and deadlines can be tight. In that case, it is better to try to formulate a thesis statement and start writing the text with its proof, and then go back and write a good introduction.


You should first review the material on the question, formulating the thesis statement and the goal toward which the reasoning leads.

Some people find it helpful to start by reading motivational literature or watching a video or going to useful link.


What the future text will be about, what arguments should be given, what will be the conclusion - by answering these questions, you can write a perfect and competent test.


The introduction should contain the main idea of the work, should not be very long, a maximum of seven sentences, and take no more than a fifth of the entire text, with a historical topic can get help at site link.


The argumentation is the main part of the text. There is such a thing as a "strong paragraph," it is to create a structure in each of your arguments similar to the structure of the essay itself, without water, with a thesis statement that supports the main claim.

Start the conclusion by mentioning the main thesis statement, list the arguments you have made before, as if summarizing them and not adding any new information to the text, any new thesis statement deserves a place in the proof, as it is the conclusion of the work done, and it should be short and clear.


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